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The Value Of A Trademark To A Business

Part of the secret of a good business is to clearly identify and present to the world the unique product or service that is to be sold for profit. A trademark is often central to this type of strategy. Trademarks may include the following:

  • A word or phrase
  • A symbol or design
  • A combination of any of these

The trademark should ideally be unique and creative. When potential customers see it, they should instantly recognize the source. Business leaders will naturally try to build a strong reputation for the product or service to go along with the easily recognizable word, symbol or design.

The intellectual property lawyers at Kashfian & Kashfian, LLP, can help you clarify your strategy for creating or fine-tuning a trademark, registering it and protecting it.

How To Protect Your Trademark And What To Do In Case Of Infringement

An experienced intellectual property attorney can help monitor the usage of your trademark through a variety of methods. Consult with one of our lawyers to learn how we do this for our clients.

If infringement is detected, we can help you pursue legal avenues to stop the infringement and, if appropriate, compensate you for your losses. To schedule a consultation to discuss your concerns, call 310-751-7578 or complete our online form.