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Protecting Businesses And Individuals Through California’s Anti-SLAPP Statute’s Provisions

Through strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPP suits), businesses and other people or organizations sometimes make legal claims for the purpose of intimidating other parties into silence or forcing them to spend excessively on legal proceedings.

The target of a SLAPP suit must act promptly to protect their legal rights; otherwise, financial losses as well as damage to one’s reputation may become burdensome, and may even devastate the viability of a business.

If you or your business has been sued with a SLAPP suit in response to public communications, you need legal advice to protect your rights. Our attorneys are ready to defend your rights.

SLAPP And Prelitigation Communications

Your legal challenge may result from other litigation that you are engaged in. Letters sent between plaintiffs and defendants in civil claims have sometimes been labeled as slander, libel and defamation by opposing parties. California’s anti-SLAPP statute is a legislative attempt to protect businesses and individuals from crushing lawsuits over legitimate public communications, including prelitigation letters.

The experienced civil litigation attorneys at Kashfian & Kashfian, LLP, can file anti-SLAPP motions as necessary to protect you from frivolous and oppressive lawsuits. We have helped many clients get SLAPP suits dismissed through our skillful application of the anti-SLAPP statute’s provisions. This sometimes includes compelling the other side to pay our clients’ legal fees.

How Can We Help?

You or your business may have been accused of defamation through a SLAPP suit as a result of any of the following:

  • A letter to the editor
  • Public statements in local government forums
  • Prelitigation communications

Whatever the circumstances, we are ready to act quickly to protect your rights and interests. Get a case evaluation and enlist an experienced litigator on your side. Schedule a consultation by calling 310-751-7578 or complete our online inquiry form.