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Managing Your Intellectual Property Portfolio

For many businesses in Los Angeles and across the country, your success is dependent on the security and exclusivity of your intellectual property. California businesses must vigorously protect their intellectual property portfolio from competitors and counterfeit sellers.

Kashfian & Kashfian, LLP, is one of the region’s most trusted IP law firms. Our attorneys take every available measure to register and monitor our clients’ intellectual property.

Registering And Protecting Your Copyrights

If your business involves original photos, artwork, designs, or videos, you need to have copyright protection. Not only do we help you register these copyrights, but we also take immediate action when someone else infringes on your copyrights. When you are relying on catalogs and video to promote and sell a product, failure to protect this intellectual property can be catastrophic for your business.

Trademark Prosecution And Monitoring

Your brand grows stronger and more valuable with every passing day. Without proper trademarks in place, any other party could steal or tarnish that brand. That is why we set up any necessary trademarks, and monitor all new trademarks so we can swiftly put a stop to any possible trademark infringement.

Patent Your Innovations

Whether you discovered a new technological innovation or have an idea for a new fashion design, patents could provide the long-term protection you need to bring these ideas and discoveries to life. However, the process for securing a patent can be difficult to navigate alone. As part of our full-service intellectual property and business representation, we secure the patents you need for your business, and closely monitor any new patents to ensure they don’t infringe upon your rights.

Protecting Your Trade Secrets

Unlike other forms of intellectual property, trade secrets do not need to be registered. They do, however, need to be secret, and must have commercial value to your business. The key to protecting your trade secret, whether a unique process or formula, is to draft an airtight confidentiality agreement. We have an impressive track record in contract law, and will ensure your trade secrets are thoroughly protected, putting a stop to any efforts to give those secrets away.

Schedule A Consultation To Discuss Your IP Needs

Your intellectual property portfolio may simply consist of one trademark, or it may be a complex network of innovations and ideas brought to life. Regardless of your needs, we walk you through all the steps and precautions you need to take to protect your rights. Call our office at 310-751-7578 to speak to our lawyers during an initial consultation, or send us an email to get started.