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Full-Service Business Representation

At Kashfian & Kashfian, LLP, we seek to provide innovative and practical solutions to the challenges faced by businesses in national, regional and international markets. Whether a small startup or a large publicly traded company, we assist our business clients in achieving their goals and protecting their interests.

We offer a full range of business and corporate law services, from forming your business to addressing any legal challenges that may arise during its operation.

We’re More Than Business Lawyers

Operating a business comes with a variety of challenges, some of which require knowledge of areas outside of business law. Our firm is a one-stop shop for California businesses, addressing their needs across a spectrum of legal areas, including the following:

  • Employment: The employee-employer relationship is of utmost importance to a business’s operations. Our experience in employment law can be invaluable to businesses facing issues with current or former employees.
  • Intellectual property: Whether you need to register a copyright or litigate a trademark infringement, we provide comprehensive intellectual property counsel that helps our clients manage their IP portfolios.
  • Real estate: From launching a joint enterprise to expanding your business operations, you need a trusted real estate legal adviser by your side. We assist our clients with all commercial real estate matters, from leasing disputes to the purchase and sale of business property.
  • Criminal defense: We frequently offer white collar criminal defense for business clients facing criminal charges relating to health care fraud, money laundering, tax fraud or business structuring crimes.
  • Bankruptcy: Businesses dealing with overwhelming debt can turn to our attorneys for guidance through filing Chapter 11 or other forms of bankruptcy.

Every business owner needs supportive counsel to assist in making decisions and providing ongoing expert advice. As such, we thoroughly analyze all potentials costs and risks to provide skilled and knowledgeable guidance in order to save our clients both time and money.

Facilitating Secure Contracts And Other Business Transactions

Every business is built on a foundation of contracts. Contracts between owners, between shareholders, with employees, with suppliers, with buyers, with contractors. We assist our clients in all aspects of contracts such as:

  • Drafting
  • Negotiating
  • Signing

Once the contracts are in place, we vigorously uphold our clients’ rights and interests when breach of contract occurs. Our business clients also rely on us to guide them through legal processes such as the following:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Spinoffs
  • Business dissolutions

In all transactions, we work with clients to minimize the likelihood of disputes. We make sure that our clients understand the terms of contracts that they sign and the implications of other types of transactions.

Swiftly Resolving Costly Business Disputes

We are experienced in arbitration and mediation, contracts and agreements, torts, and negligence as they pertain to the daily operation of a business. Our firm also represents clients in partner/member disputes, insurance disputes, employment matters, liability disputes and collections matters.

When business litigation is required, we are ready and able to represent our clients at all administrative, state court and federal district court levels.

Let Us Hear From You

Our commitment to your business’s success begins during a personalized, confidential consultation with our attorneys in Los Angeles. Call us at 310-751-7578, or reach out online to schedule your appointment today.