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Employment Law For Employers

At Kashfian & Kashfian, LLP, we offer full-service employment law defense for business owners and managers. Our clients often turn to us for help preventing and resolving employment law disputes. They need to stay focused on their core operations. At the same time, they need to ensure that controversies with employees or government agencies regarding employment do not escalate and detract from their profit-making endeavors.

Our firm is a solid source of both preventive and reactive employment law defense. We help employers protect themselves from litigation, but when legal actions come against a business, we are prepared to defend our clients in any forum: negotiations, mediation, arbitration or in a court case before a judge.

Some Of Our Areas Of Employment Law Counsel

Our attorneys are prepared to guide employers through these and other legal challenges:

  • Creating and distributing physical or online employment manuals
  • Devising training and troubleshooting protocols for managers and employees
  • Clearly communicating wage and hour policies, and navigating any disputes having to do with pay for hourly workers, salaried workers, managers and executives
  • Preventing discrimination, sexual harassment and hostile work environments
  • Responding to employees’ complaints about wages, discrimination or harassment
  • Responding to employees’ complaints about the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) issues
  • Protecting the employers’ interests when employees have violated noncompete agreements

In all cases, we believe in educating our clients, keeping them informed, helping them to keep legal fees limited and helping them resolve problems decisively and in a timely way.

Request A Needs Analysis

Contact our firm to schedule a consultation regarding any employment law needs or problems. As needed, we establish long-term advisory relationships with employers, staying on call to help them address any legal challenges to their businesses’ integrity.

For the advice that you need about any employment matter, call 310-751-7578 or complete our online form.