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Intellectual Property Law And Litigation

The intellectual property division of Kashfian & Kashfian, LLP, services relevant client needs regarding the following:

  • Patents: We help determine whether an invention is patentable. Then we search domestically and internationally to discover whether the invention (possibly an identical one elsewhere) has already been disclosed. Finally, we help clients apply for patents and respond to rejections as needed. As necessary, we will help you request an interview with your patent examiner – a tactic that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) encourages.
  • Copyrights: We will help you register your copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office at the Library of Congress for an original creative work such as a novel, a piece of music, a software code or a painting. A copyright protects your right to distribute, perform or display your intellectually created work.
  • Trademarks: We will help you protect your exclusive rights to use a particular word, phrase, symbol, design or combination thereof that may represent the goods or services that you hope to retain ownership of and, ultimately, market.
  • Trade dress: A subset of trademark law, trade dress protection has to do with how a product or its packaging looks as an identifier of the source of the product. The Nike swoosh or the Coca Cola name written in script are both examples of trade dress. The shape of a building may sometimes fall in this category.
  • Trade secrets: Technical information, client lists and marketing or production strategies are all examples of trade secrets that need protection through noncompete agreements and other means.

In addition to assembling and protecting our clients’ intellectual property portfolios, we also provide a myriad licensing services. We frequently draft software- and hardware-related licensing agreements, as well as effective royalty negotiations and payout structures. Our firm can also help you get the most out of e-discovery, including compliance with the federal e-discovery rules and the newly enacted California e-discovery rules.

Protection From Theft Of Intellectual Property

We will help you consider all options for securing your intellectual property from infringement by others, including:

If someone else has already begun to use your intellectual property without authorization, we will advise and lead you along the most promising path forward, such as resolution through demand letters, negotiations, mediation or trial.

Thorough Guidance For Every Industry

As qualified attorneys in matters involving intellectual property, we are able to provide sophisticated, on-demand and quality counsel to our clients, no matter what industry they are in. Below are just some of the sectors in which we have offered our services:

  • Computer science: Kashfian & Kashfian, LLP, can patent your innovation with regard to semiconductor designs, particularly in the design of processor and memory chips. We can also patent your innovation in the semiconductor manufacturing process of processor chips, memory chips and circuit boards, as well as the network design and architecture, including router hardware and software.
  • Fashion and design: A business in the fashion industry requires a variety of intellectual property to remain competitive. From patents on clothing design and copyrights on photos and catalogs to a trademark on the brand, we establish and closely monitor all intellectual property for these businesses.
  • Manufacturing: Whether you need to patent a manufacturing innovation or protect your unique processes and other trade secrets, you need airtight security. We have represented watch manufacturers and other large entities in protecting their IP.
  • Entertainment: We have successfully represented writers, producers, filmmakers and other parties in protecting their creations. We have even litigated cases against media behemoths such as Fox Cable Networks.

Learn more about our cases and successes by visiting our Case Results page.

Trusted As Local Counsel For Businesses Nationwide

In addition to representing Los Angeles businesses in all levels of California courts, we also provide local counsel for companies across the country that are facing IP disputes in California. While intellectual property is protected on a federal level, having counsel who understands California courts and processes can be invaluable to protecting your rights.

Whether you are located nearby or want to take advantage of our services as local counsel, don’t hesitate to contact our lawyers by calling 310-751-7578 or reaching out online.