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What can a cease and desist letter do for you?

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2023 | intellectual property law

A cease and desist letter is a document that serves as an acknowledgment that you are aware that someone else is doing something that could harm your business, such as engaging in copyright infringement. The letter also serves as a warning for that person to stop the activity, or you could pursue further legal action if warranted.

Here are a couple of things that a cease and desist letter can do for your California business.

Protect your intellectual property

A common reason to send a cease and desist letter is to ask someone to put an end to intellectual property or copyright infringement. This type of infringement may occur when, for example, another business uses a logo very similar to the unique logo you created for your company. Many people will cease the infringing act once they are aware that somebody notices the act; however, sometimes further action is necessary if the other party does not want to stop or does not believe they are doing anything harmful.

Help build your case

In the event that you do need to take further action, a cease and desist letter serves as documentation that provides evidence of the other party’s transgressions. It is especially important to have this documentation in case the other party provides their own evidence to try and counter your claims.

Knowing how a cease and desist letter can help your business enables you to use this tool if you need to defend yourself against stolen intellectual property or something similar.