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Registering a trademark: What you should know

Once you have finally decided on a brand, logo or symbol to represent your small business, you may want to protect that mark so that another business cannot use it. Trademark protection is not legally required; however, doing so allows you to take legal action should you find another company is using your mark. At this point, it is important to register your trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to ensure you have these rights. Before you fill out and submit an application, you will want to search the registry to ensure the mark has not already been registered by another business.

Qualcomm accuses Apple of divulging its source code

An extensive review of the holdings of any business or company in Los Angeles might reveal that its most valued assets are its intellectual properties. An organization's intellectual property includes its intangible creative creations, which serve as the proverbial "secret sauce" which not only powers its products and ideas but also distinguishes it from competitors. However, when companies enter into collaborative efforts with other organizations, some elements of their IP may need to be exposed. However, simply because they are revealed to external parties does not mean that those parties may disclose them without authorization. 

Why is a copyright important?

As a business owner in California with your own products, processes, and creative properties, you likely want some form of protection to ensure that your ideas don't fall into the wrong hands. Making use of copyrights may come to mind. But just how much do you know about copyrighting?

Protecting your business's trade secrets

As a California small business owner, chances are, there are certain aspects about your business that give it a leg up on the competition. Maybe your trade secrets involve certain recipes or processes, or maybe you have spent the last several years creating a solid database of customer information you use in your marketing efforts. Regardless of the types of trade secrets you have, you must protect them if you want them to retain their value. At Kashfian & Kashfian, LLP, we recognize the critical nature of protecting your business's intellectual property, and we have helped many small business owners make necessary efforts to do so.

There's a Reason They Are Called Trade 'Secrets'

Whether you're already a successful California business owner or a budding entrepreneur, you likely consider protecting your assets a high priority. When it comes to business, not all assets are physical property. In fact, many creative thinkers have built an entire business market around intellectual and digital properties and products. In short, you need to worry about more than money when focusing on protecting your business rights and interests.

Intellectual Property and the Fashion Industry

The success of every fashion-based company is built upon their intellectual property. Without intellectual property protection, prominent fashion designers and suppliers would die out, simply overwhelmed by the clones and copies that are selling for a fraction of the price.

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